Air Ambulance

Air Transport Service (Commercial Aircraft)

EMT Medical Services is able to transport patient's who have been assessed and deemed safe to fly by a qualified medical practitioner. EMT Medical Services attends to all airline booking requirements including medical clearance certificates prior to transport.

EMT Medical Services provides a professional critical care nurse on a commercial airline jet together with patient monitoring, oxygen equipment and the necessary medication to ensure a safe and medically comfortable journey.

An EMT Medical Services ambulance will transport you to or from the airport at the required time. All patient care documentation is completed en route and provided to the accepting hospital to ensure continuity of care.

The management and staff at EMT Medical Services firmly believe that communication is paramount to ensuring a smooth and stress free transfer of a loved one. EMT Medical Services at every available opportunity ensures family members remain informed at all times.


Aero–Medial Evacuation.

EMT Medical Services provides professional air ambulance services to the insurance industry and private individuals. EMT Medical Services provides qualified critical care doctors and ICU/CCU nurses on each evacuation ensuring the highest level of medical care.

Each air ambulance evacuation is performed in a dependable and quiet aircraft that has the ability to access remote air strips which permits timely medical evacuation to definitive care.

At EMT Medical Services our equipment includes the latest in patient monitoring and defibrillator devices, first line emergency drugs, portable oxygen and suction equipment and intravenous fluid management therapy.

EMT Medical Services has commercial agreements with several companies which permit access to a variety of fixed wing aircraft including Beechcraft King Air and Cessna Citation jet.


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